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Most business owners don't realize that the restrooms in their store affect the customer experience. Clean facilities encourage customers to stay and shop longer, but a dirty restroom sends them out the door. Depending on the type of business, the worse the state of the restrooms, the more impactful to business. In the age of social media and numerous review sites, the last thing a business owner wants is for a customer to snap a picture of a filthy restroom, share it, and spread the news.

According to a study by the Cintas Corporation, dirty restrooms are quite common. The following numbers are from the 2011 study, asking participants what specific type of business they would avoid if they encountered a restroom that was not clean:

  • Hotels - 79 percent
  • Supermarkets - 50 percent
  • Retail Stores - 45 percent
  • Offices - 45 percent
  • Dealerships - 39 percent
Years later, those numbers have probably increased with the rise of the Online Review.

Do YOU have time to scrub the toilets? Do YOU want to lose clients because of something as fixable as a dirty restroom?

Call That Guy With a Broom in Delaware for janitorial services to freshen your facilities and keep them clean.

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